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Frequently Asked Questions

Recalibration and Repairs

What is the turnaround time for recalibration?

Once the gauge arrives at the Motorway Tech. workshop, if there are no issues with the gauge a typical turnaround time is 48 hours.

Do I need to charge my gauge before sending it for recalibration?

Yes, as our engineers will charge the gauge at the workshop before any calibrations or repairs, so this saves time.

Do we need to back up our data before sending the gauge for recalibration?

Yes, it is recommended that data is backed up prior to sending for any service or recalibration.

How often should the PQI 380 be calibrated?

To ensure integrity of readings and have any new software loaded, gauges should be recalibrated every 12 months.

Can all repairs be done at the Sydney Workshop?

Our engineers are fully trained on all aspects of PQI repairs so only on rare occasions will a gauge be required to be set back to TransTech Systems USA for repairs.

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