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Replacement Parts

Accessories you may need

Motorway Tech offers replacement parts including chargers, extension kits, cords, screws and more.

For enquiries about pricing, get in touch with us via email at or via call to 1300 416 313.

PQI 380 & SDG 200 DC Vehicle Charger

PQI 301 AC Charger

PQI 301 DC Vehicle Charger

PQI 301, PQI 380 & SDG 200 Extension Handle Kit

PQI 301, PQI 380 & SDG 200 StrongHold Carry Case

PQI 380 & SDG 200 AC Charger

PQI 380 & SDG 200 Generation 2 Replacement Battery Door

SDG 200 Replacement StandOff Feet Kit

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