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Motorway Tech

How we began

Motorway Technologies was established in 2009 by Adrian Rogers.

As an road engineer, Adrian made contact with TransTech Systems who had developed a non-nuclear Asphalt Density Measurement Device known as the PQI. Adrian became a distributor for the PQI gauges and started selling these at a rapid rate across the country.

Fast forward to 2022 and Motorway Technologies was acquired by the Hitech Industrial Services group and rebranded to Motorway Tech.

What we do

Based in Campbelltown NSW, Motorway Tech is the exclusive distributor for Australia/New Zealand, Papua New Guinea & Fiji, and authorised service centre for TransTech Systems’ PQI 38 and SDG 200.

Motorway Tech is in partnership with hydro demolition and industrial services experts Hitech Industrial Services. Since 1991, Hitech Industrial Services have been leaders in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting for hydro demolition, concrete deterioration, concrete surface preparation, cold cutting, vacuum loading, excavation and industrial cleaning, making the partnership with Motorway Tech an obvious one particularly in the civil space.

Commitment to excellence

Motorway Tech aims to ensure reliability and longevity in its products.

With the latest assembly and quality control techniques, we seek to provide you with military grade products and services. Our reputation in the construction and road building industry lies on our devoted pursuit to investing in the constant improvement and development of new technologies as a way to reduce costs and as well as increase the reliability of your quality measurements.

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