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Non-Nuclear Gauges: Easy to Own, Easy to Use

Did you know that, in addition to having the world’s first and leading non-nuclear asphalt (PQI 380) and soil (SDG 200) gauges, these devices are also the easiest to own and use density gauges in the world? Not only are our gauges lightweight and user friendly, but also everything about the ownership experience is much easier when compared to any of the nuclear density gauges on the market. One of the main reasons for this is that, since our gauges are electrical, they do not contain any type of nuclear material. Therefore, TransTech gauge owners do not have to deal with any of the regulatory hassles that nuclear density gauge owners are forced to deal with.

For example, nuclear density gauges cannot be transported in the passenger compartment of a
vehicle; dosimetry badges must be worn during use and submitted for analysis quarterly; and there are
stringent storage and disposal requirements and associated costs. The most expensive aspect of nuclear gauge ownership, however, is the licensing and training involved. Operators must attend and pass a radiation safety and operation training class, a State Radioactive Materials license is needed, and a trained Radiation Safety Officer is required to stay on top of all aspects of nuclear gauge ownership and use. The license alone may cost as much as $3,000 per year and the regulatory agencies increase the rates every couple of years.

The expense and hassle of nuclear density gauge ownership is a major reason why so many former nuclear gauge owners have made the switch to TransTech’s non-nuclear devices for their Quality Control programs. When you own a TransTech gauge, none of the costs and aggravation listed above are ever an issue! Not only that, but your employees will be more productive because they can get more accurate readings in less time than they could if they were using a nuclear gauge.

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