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Newsletter March 2023


Have you checked the date?

Annual recalibration of the PQI380 is recommended to ensure consistency and accuracy of the electronic components.

Recalibrations should only be performed by an authorised service centre. For Australia/NZ/PNG/Fiji this is Motorway Tech. based in south west Sydney.

If your diagnostic button on the control menu turns red this is a REMINDER to calibrate the gauge. The Calibration Reset button is located on the diagnostics screen. Pressing this will cancel the calibration warning for 30 days.

To book in a recalibration call 1300 416 313 or send an email request.

You may also be running an older version of the software if you haven’t had a recalibration for a few years.

Motorway Tech.

A fitting partnership

Hitech Industrial Services has been established for 32 years and specialises in ultra high pressure water jetting across a range of industries. Predominantly in the civil space across roads, bridges and tunnels, when we saw the opportunity to purchase Motorway Technologies it ticked all the boxes but notably being a family business with a similar work ethic. Rebranding to Motorway Tech. the business changed hands in July 2022 and, as one of only a few service centres in the global distribution network of TransTech Systems we are focused on growing our client base, engaging with industry associations and advocating for ongoing conformance testing of the PQI. There are some exciting initiatives in the pipeline which will feature on the soon to be launched new website.

The Evolution of the PQI

Innovators of Non-Nuclear Technology

TransTech Systems is an instrument company that develops innovative and non destructive evaluation products for the construction industry. The patented Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI)…

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45 Second Tip

Maintaining a healthy battery

The PQI 380 will self discharge if not in use and it should NOT be left uncharged for more than 30 days. An occasional complete discharge followed by a full recharge is recommended and on recalibration by Motorway Tech this action will be performed. The battery voltage status bar is located on the bottom of all screens. A fully charged battery will display over 8 volts and decrease as the gauge is used. The low battery icon will be displayed at approximately 6.5 volts.

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